The prospect of getting a conservatory added to your home has many benefits for the homeowner. Not the least of which is the additional space it provides, effectively giving you an extra room at a fraction of the cost of a house extension and without the attendant hassle of getting planning permission. But there are plenty of other reasons why a conservatory makes good sense for a market-savvy homeowner.

A versatile extension to your home

Conservatories can be used in such a variety of ways, that it is little wonder so many people are considering getting one. Some homeowners opt to use their conservatory as a breakfast area, or additional dining space – perfect for sunny mornings and dinner parties that stretch long into a summer’s night.

Those with children find their conservatory makes an excellent play area, or else somewhere safe and secure to keep all those bicycles and scooters and trampolines. So many people work from home these days, that a conservatory is often put to good use as an office, or else another room as used as the office and the conservatory becomes a second living area or games room.

The common sense choice

But the versatility of a conservatory is not its only advantage. Another major benefit to having a conservatory is the value that it will add to your house. Furthermore, the fact that they are comparatively cheap and hassle-free to install means that the ratio of initial expense to the eventual added value to the home is potentially much greater than it would be with a house extension or loft or garage conversion.

In the vast majority of cases, standard-sized conservatories do not require planning permission (the only major exception to this being for listed properties or homes that are in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty), this means that they can be erected much more quickly, and at considerably less expense than the majority of house extensions.

The fact that conservatories use double glazing on at least 70% of their frames, also means that they are cost effective in their use of energy. Plus, as they are separated from the interior of the main house, they do not provide an added burden on the home’s overall heating bill.

Make your home more attractive to potential buyers

With so much to recommend them, it is easy to see why conservatories are able to drive up the value of properties and to make those homes so much more appealing to potential buyers.

Imagine yourself on the property market. You find two homes of equal size on the same street. They are both in good condition and have nice gardens. One of the homes has a conservatory; the other does not. With everything we know about the benefits that a conservatory can bring, it stands to reason that the house with a conservatory will sell faster, and at a higher price than the house without.

Some estate agents estimate that a conservatory that costs less than £15,000 to have built, is able to add as much as twice that amount to the value of the property – just one more reason why getting a conservatory makes perfect sense for any homeowner with one eye on the future.

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