If you have started looking for a new conservatory to add to your property, you may have noticed that there are lots of UPVC conservatories to choose from. You can get your desired conservatory design in wood if you wish, but many people elect to go for UPVC instead.

UPVC is a light and bright alternative to a wooden structure. You can get any type of conservatory made from UPVC today. Some will have UPVC frames with floor to ceiling windows so the light spills in from every angle. Others are designed with a low brick wall running around the perimeter of the conservatory, with the UPVC windows installed above it.

In both situations the result is a pleasingly attractive conservatory that looks the part and will blend with most properties. It also provides a nice white canvas that you can transform into use for any purpose you wish.

UPVC Conservatory

It is very important to make sure you choose the right conservatory for your needs. What are you going to use this new room for? Will it be a room that will join the house to the garden, or will it be a playroom for the children? Perhaps you’re going to use the new addition as a home office.

Whatever the purpose might be, there is no doubt that UPVC is a great choice for a conservatory. It is also available in many different design options, from a simple lean to conservatory to a more complex P shaped conservatory. Consider how much space you have and what you could do with it, and then get down to designing the UPVC conservatory you really want.

What is UPVC?

UPVC – sometimes seen as uPVC – stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is a versatile and solid material that is commonly used for new windows, conservatories and various other items in the building trade.

What is UPVC

If you are considering buying a new conservatory there are some distinct advantages to getting one that is made from UPVC. If you were to buy one made from wood you would have to treat it or paint it regularly to protect it from the elements. But if you buy one made from UPVC you never have to worry about such matters. The only thing you will need to do from time to time is to wash it with clean soapy water.

This is ideal if you don’t have time to devote to the maintenance and upkeep of a wooden framed conservatory. It also means you’ll have a much lighter and brighter design, because the pure brilliant white of the UPVC will automatically lighten the room for whatever purpose you wish to use it for.

UPVC conservatories are also cheaper in most cases than a wooden conservatory would be. When you add up all the advantages of a UPVC conservatory you can see why so many other people have already made the smart choice and selected UPVC as their desired material for this new addition to their home. Will it be the right choice for you as well?

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