Condensation on your conservatory windows can be an annoying problem, as it is for many households. Because the door to the room is often left closed, there is little ventilation and condensation may naturally build up.

Condensation can form because of water vapour, combined with the temperature of the room and the temperature outside. Condensation is usually worse in the winter months, when the outside temperature drops considerably.

Conservatories are designed to be water tight and air tight and this is why they are particularly prone to condensation problems. The rest of your home has natural ventilation, which helps to reduce the problem. In winter, your conservatory will be colder than your home and needs more heating.

Ventilating your conservatory is a good way of reducing the condensation levels that build up on windows. You should try to keep the room fairly warm if you can, but with necessary ventilation. This sounds like a contradiction, but it works for this particular problem. If you do not have radiators in your conservatory, you can heat it with an oil filled radiator.

For conservatories that have been recently finished, leaving some gentle heating on will help alleviate the problem, but all new conservatories suffer from condensation until they ‘dry out’.

Karcher Window Vac

Some homeowners have trickle vents fitted to the windows, as they help the air flow into and out of the room.

The Karcher window vac is a great way of cleaning your conservatory windows and removing excess water without leaving streaks. This cleaning vacuum features a water recovery system that removes dirty water easily. All you need to do is spray the window with a detergent and clean with a cloth. Then just vacuum the water from the window.

Drip Strip

Betterware offer a cut to size Drip Strip Condensation Catcher to tackle moisture problems in your conservatory. You just cut the length you need, dampen the strip and squeeze away the excess moisture from it. Then you can line the inside edge of your conservatory window with it and it will catch the condensation. The strip has to be moist to remain in place.

Water Eater

Betterware also offer the Water Eater to combat your condensation worries. This works well for areas of heavy condensation, like your conservatory.

Avoid over-filing your garden room with house plants, as these will contribute to condensation build up.

De Humidifer

Investing in a de-humidifier may also help to control the problem, as it will effectively draw out any moisture from the air and from the windows. You can hire a de-humidifier if you do not want to buy one.

Try to air the conservatory during the day, to maintain a fairly even temperature throughout your house. Shutting the door and leaving the room ‘sealed’ will simply not solve your condensation problems.

By using one or more of the products above and ensuring that your conservatory remains well ventilated throughout the whole year, you should notice a visible reduction of condensation on your windows.

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