One of the best things about having a conservatory is that they can be so adaptable. As an extra living space in your home, your conservatory has almost limitless potential when it comes to decorating and furnishing choices, and thanks to the abundance of available natural light, summer is the season when it can look its best. Knowing how to go about decorating your conservatory can be daunting at first; there are so many possibilities it is is difficult to know where to begin. With an emphasis on practical and affordable choices of materials and furnishings, here are a few suggestions for summer decorating ideas for your conservatory, to help you get started.

Inspirational conservatory ideas

First and foremost, how you choose to decorate your conservatory will be influenced by what you intend to use the room for. In good interior design form follows function, and this particularly so when it comes to decorating and furnishing conservatories. So, the decisions you make about colour schemes and which pieces of furniture to use will depend on whether you want your conservatory to be a second lounge, a dining area, an extension of your kitchen, or perhaps an office or play room for the children. Another thing to factor in is the style of conservatory itself. If you have a Victorian or Georgian-style conservatory, it may be better to choose complementary traditional decor and furnishings rather than a minimal modernist interior design.

When it comes to colour schemes, there are many possibilities available to you. As a general rule, it is a good idea to make the most of the extra natural light that is available in a conservatory. Use colours that look good in sunshine, and feel bright and airy. Many people take their inspiration from the Mediterranean region, where the quality of light is unparalleled, and choose whites, deep blues and yellows, as well as natural earthy colours. Another key aspect to the colour scheme could be your choice of plants. Exotic flowering plants, ferns, palms and foliage plants can all flourish in a conservatory during the summer, and the colours they provide create a perfect balance between the interior and the garden beyond, resulting in the optimum indoor/outdoor area.


Conservatory furniture ideas

Conservatory Chair Ideas
As before, the furniture you choose for your conservatory will depend on what you intend to use it for, but there are some basic principles that it is advisable to bear in mind from the very beginning. Whatever you will be using the extra room for, try not to clutter your conservatory with too much stuff. Ultimately, a conservatory is there to add a sense of extra space and bring more light into your home. This will be diminished if you fill the area with huge pieces of indoor furniture and shelving. Choose items that do the job without taking up excessive space. Also, think carefully about the kind of materials. A light and natural material like wicker or rattan can make for excellent conservatory furniture, and is also adaptable, in that it can be taken outside and used on the patio when the weather is fine.

Blinds are another essential aspect of conservatory decor, and can play a large role in determining the room’s overall aesthetic. The options available to you include more traditional style pleated, roman or venetian blinds or the more modern style roller blinds or solar blinds, which act rather in the same way as sunglasses. For a very different, but earthy and natural look, you could also hang a piece of muslin over the windows – this softens the incoming light and gives the conservatory a pleasingly soothing ambience.

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