Sometimes the name of a particular conservatory provides an instant giveaway as to what you can expect when you see one ‘in the flesh’, so to speak. This is definitely the case when it comes to the P shaped conservatory. Here the P shape is the rough footprint the conservatory takes up, where one end is larger than the other.

The P shape is essentially a combination of two other popular conservatory designs – the lean to and the Victorian. You can also mix the lean to with the Edwardian to get the same P shape floor plan. Some people assume you can combine a Georgian with a lean to in order to get a P shape. You can combine them, but in this case you would get an L shaped design instead.

So let’s take a closer look at what the P shaped conservatory has to offer.

P shaped conservatory designs

It’s easy to see the appeal of a P shaped conservatory. It offers more room than many other designs and the shape also lends itself well to multiple uses. Indeed, some people choose to turn the larger squarer part of the conservatory into a dining room, while the other section (the lean to part, if you will) can be used for another purpose altogether. Depending on the size you can have comfortable seating here, or perhaps use the area as a playroom for the children. Other people choose to have the entire room for one purpose, perhaps as an office for example. The choice is yours, but you can see just how versatile this option is when it comes to adding a new room onto your home.

The design can be made to be either left or right handed, enabling the conservatory to fit into the available space as easily and conveniently as possible. Sizes can vary as well, depending on the size of your property and the available space you have in the garden. Some people are able to have quite a large P shaped conservatory that uses the lean to part as an extension of the main kitchen, while the larger part of the conservatory can be used for all kinds of reasons, such as for a larger dining space.

P shaped conservatory prices

The price you will pay for your P shaped conservatory largely depends on which company you choose to provide it for you. This is not the type of conservatory you would choose if you wanted to build it yourself, since the design is more complex than some of the others on the market today. This means you will need to allow for construction time and labour as well as the price of the necessary materials.

There are also choices to be made when it comes to the appearance of the finished P shape conservatory. Will you opt for uPVC all round, or do you want a wooden framed conservatory? Do you want a dwarf wall made from brick or rendered to match your house? How about the glazing that will go into the windows and the roof? Do you want self cleaning glass or simply the best you can afford that helps to deflect the heat in the summer and retain it in the winter?

Every one of these decisions will have a direct effect on the final price you will pay. It’s not just the conservatory itself that costs money either – you need to think about the furniture you will get once it is completed, not to mention all those finishing touches such as blinds and heating. And before you can begin thinking about all this, you need to consider how big you want your conservatory to be. Don’t just pick a size you think will work – lay it out with string and stakes at the rear of your property, or use tape on the ground. This will provide you with an accurate idea of how big (or how small) it will be once it is finished. This exercise alone can make sure you choose the correct size and don’t go for something that is too big for your garden or too small to make a real difference.

The best way to get the best quote is to approach several companies that provide P shaped conservatories. You can then evaluate the different options and choose the one that provides the best service and materials balanced with a good and affordable price. In short, with some homework, a P shaped conservatory could be an excellent choice.


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