One thing you will very quickly realise when you are considering buying a conservatory to add onto your home is the sheer number of designs you have to choose from.

However, the simplest one of all has to be the lean to conservatory. Despite its rather temporary sounding name, this is a permanent conservatory built onto the side or end of your house, just as all other designs are. It is known for being minimalist and simple, and is also among the most affordable designs you could choose.

Is this design suitable for you? Let’s take a closer look so you know what to expect.

Lean to conservatory designs

The basic idea is to attach a box to the side of your house which has a sloping roof on it. The conservatory can be square in shape but it is typically rectangular, with the longer side attached to the house. The lean to design is also ideal for a wide range of properties, from houses through to cottages and bungalows. Indeed this is one of the reasons why this design is so popular. Single storey properties cannot always accommodate a conservatory, but the lean to conservatory is usually quite easy to add on.

The design is also ideal for positioning against any available wall of the property. The typical shape of the conservatory means it does not protrude as much as other conservatory designs would. Size wise you can have it as large as you have room for or something far smaller depending on the available space and your budget. For example it is often possible to have a lean to conservatory extending along the entire rear of a property if space allows. In other cases a smaller design could be added to make the most of otherwise unused space at the side of a property, enabling you to maximise the potential of your plot of land.

Furthermore you can have the existing back or side door opening into the conservatory, or you can have a wider doorway made to enable you to open a set of double doors out into the conservatory to create a wider space to enjoy. As far as external doors out onto the garden are concerned, the lean to conservatory can have a door at one end or in the middle of the side that faces the property it is attached to. The choices are yours to make.

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Lean to conservatory prices

The lean to conservatory is just about the cheapest type of conservatory you can buy. This is due to the simplicity of the design, including the fact it has a pitched roof.

However this is only part of the equation. It will typically take a lot less time to construct such a conservatory when compared with one that is more complex, such as a P shaped conservatory for instance. This means fewer workers will be required and it will take less time too. In fact you can buy the lean to conservatory in standard sizes as an off the shelf kit. While many conservatory designs can be bought in this way to save money, not all of them are anywhere near as easy to build as the lean to.

If you are reasonably good at DIY you might be able to buy the kit off the shelf and get a friend to help you get the foundations ready before erecting this conservatory. This also saves on money, which is another reason why lots of people go for this style. It can literally make or break the chance to have a conservatory in the first place for some people.

When considering prices, this should be the first area to think about. Consider whether you are able to go down the DIY route or whether you should look for a conservatory company that can supply and fit the lean to design on your behalf. You will pay more for the privilege but it does ensure you get the job done quickly, efficiently and to the highest of standards. Be sure to shop around before opting for a particular company though, regardless of whether you buy off the shelf or you get the complete service. Prices can vary significantly even though this is the cheaper end of the designs you can opt for.

Costs will also vary depending on whether you go for uPVC framework or a solid wood conservatory. The first option is invariably the cheapest and could put this particular design within easy reach of your budget.

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