If you are thinking about getting double glazing installed in your property, one of the main questions you’ll have in mind is cost. What price can you expect to pay to get all your windows double glazed?

Quality is everything

You’ll always be able to find companies who can offer the cheapest deals on the market today. However before you rush into accepting one of them, it is wise to look into exactly what they are offering. Types of glass and frames can vary a lot, so where two deals appear to be exactly the same, one might actually be offering a higher quality than the other.

Are you ready to barter?

Some companies use salesmen who will automatically begin with a higher price than they would expect you to pay. In this situation, if you said yes immediately you could be paying more than you need to. Remember: they want the sale and they might be willing to drop the price in order to get you to go with them.

It is also wise to give yourself time to contact at least three companies for quotes. Be wary of anyone who pressures you into signing up on the spot. You need to compare different services, features and prices before you choose which company to get your double glazing from.

Which frames?

When you go for double glazing you have a choice of frames – uPVC or wooden frames. The wooden option is generally more expensive than the uPVC option, and it also requires maintenance on a fairly regular basis if you want to get the longest life out of them. Aluminium frames are also a possibility.

Clearly the price you will be given will depend on what you want by way of frames to blend in with the rest of your property.

How many openers and what style of windows are you having?

Many companies will give you a price per window that includes one opener. If you want more than one you will pay for the additional one. The same usually applies if you want something extra such as tilt and turn windows, which can be tilted part way open or alternatively opened up like a door.

You also need to think about the type of glass you’ll require. You can have anything from basic clear safety glass to ornate designs in different colours. The latter will almost certainly cost you more money.

As you can see there is a lot to think about here. No two houses will have identical needs either, unless they are in the same street and are built identically to each other. Even then one may have additional windows required due to a rear extension that was added some time ago.

In short, there is no ballpark price – it all depends on the above factors and the size of your own property. Once you have the answers to these questions you should be able to get some reasonably accurate figures to go on.

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