Conservatories Prices in 2016

This is probably one of the most common questions people ask when it comes to getting a new conservatory. However it is also one of the most difficult ones to answer. This is because a whole range of different factors need to be borne in mind before you can hope to get an accurate cost on the type of conservatory you want.

Conservatory prices vary, as there are a wealth of styles and qualities to choose from. Make sure you opt for a professional, reliable supplier (and fitter), to ensure your conservatory is built to last.

Below is a rough guide of current conservatory prices for 2016.

Pound Coins

Traditional/Lean to Conservatory
£3,800 (3000mm W x 1500mm D)
£6,000 (4000 x 2500)

Edwardian Conservatory
£5,600 (2500 x 2500)
£7,250 (5000 x 3000)
£8,000 – £10,000 (4500 x 4000)
£12,000 (6m x 3m)

Victorian Conservatory
£3,000 (2000mm x 2000mm) – full height glass up to £13,000 (3m x 5.5m)


It is important to choose the style that suits your home the best and this depends on the shape of your house and garden.

Regency conservatories are one of the more popular choices, with their ridged roofs and gable ends. Edwardian styles suit both traditional and modern homes with their clean lines and maximum floor space.

Combination conservatories provide a mixture of styles and features for your home. You can choose from Edwardian, Victorian and Regency ranges and personalise your conservatory before it is supplied and fitted.

Many conservatory suppliers and fitters offer reduced prices on their conservatories in their regular sales.

How Big Do You Want Your Conservatory To Be?

Size will have a significant bearing on the overall cost of your conservatory. It stands to reason that one measuring 3 metres by 2 metres will be cheaper to construct than a conservatory measuring 5 metres by 4 metres.

Consider the amount of space you have available for a conservatory and work out what you can afford to spend. You may find the middle ground is the best place to come up with a price you can afford, while still getting a good quality conservatory.

What Style Of Conservatory Do You Want?

Design also plays a large part in determining the cost. For example a simple lean-to style will invariably be cheaper than a more complex P-shaped conservatory.


You also need to factor in the interior of the conservatory. This is something few people actually think about until the structure is completed. But you need to focus on things such as heating, furniture and even the decor and flooring. These will all go towards hiking up the final price you pay.

DIY Approach Or Company?

Some people hire a company to provide the conservatory and to erect it on their behalf. This costs more than it would to go down the DIY route, because you will be paying for labour as well.

However you can get flat pack conservatories delivered by some companies, leaving you to erect it on your own. If you have the necessary skills and friends to help this is worth considering.

Bottom Line – Is There An Average Price?

The average quote for a typical conservatory tends to be around the £5,000 and up mark. With that said though it is quite possible to get one for half that price, particularly if you want something basic and you are intending to erect it on your own. If you are keen on DIY and you know a couple of people who can help you, it is possible to save a lot of money by going down this route, as mentioned before.

Of course it is also the case that a top quality conservatory of a reasonable size, constructed for you by a professional company, you could also spend a lot more than £5,000.

The most important thing is to get a quotation for the conservatory you want before you decide to go ahead. This will mean you know where you stand and what you need to spend to get the perfect conservatory you have always wanted for your home.

Consider Ongoing Maintenance Costs

One important factor to consider before choosing your conservatory is the issue of future maintenance. This can affect the overall cost of the conservatory, once the estimated costs of maintenance are factored in.

If you opt for uPVC, the maintenance time and costs will be minimal. All it requires is a quick wash down with a proper uPVC cleaner. You can use vinegar and hot water which works well, but a proper cleaner formulated for use on uPVC is better. It is designed not to scratch the surface and leave marks. In this situation all you ready need to account for is the cost of the cleaner and some soft cloths.

Conservatories made from wood will require a little more care and attention however. Wood requires regular maintenance to make sure it is properly sealed against the elements. If you don’t take good care of it you will end up with a conservatory that won’t last as long as it should do.

So here you have to think about painting or varnishing your conservatory perhaps once every year or two, to protect the wood and to ensure a long life. It will also ensure it keeps its good looks. This takes longer than a simple clean, and you also have the cost of the paint or varnish and brushes to think about. While the cost may not be prohibitive in itself, you have to consider whether this is something you would be able to do on your own. If not, you would need to figure in the cost of hiring someone else to do it for you on a regular basis.

As you can see it is worth thinking about the cost of maintaining your conservatory into the future as well. It could well influence the type of conservatory you choose.


How to Find the Best Conservatory Company

There are lots of conservatory companies to choose from nowadays, but they won’t all offer you the service and quality you desire. It is important to avoid so called ‘cowboy’ fitters who can leave you with a poor installation (sometimes one that isn’t even half finished) and short of cash as well.

One good method is to ask around your local area for recommendations. Walk around your neighbourhood and note those properties that have a conservatory already added. Knock and ask the owners if they know who did the work.

You can also look in your local telephone book and online to find details of more companies. The good thing about using the internet is you can do some additional research to find out what people thought of various companies. Look in forums and do a search for the name of the company plus the word ‘reviews’ at the end – you might be surprised at what you can find.

Remember too that low prices are not necessarily a good thing. As the price goes down so does the quality, so you have to be careful. This is why most people choose at least three suppliers to quote them for a new conservatory. Make sure you get an outline of what will be supplied and ask as many questions as you need to in order to work out which company will provide the best quality service and product.

Finally, look for a company that has been established for some years. While this is no guarantee of excellence in itself, it is far more likely that a long established company will provide a good service and a great conservatory for you too. Professionalism in all areas is another good marker of a company worth choosing.

Conservatory Planning Laws

A common question asked by many people who are considering a conservatory is whether they need planning permission or not. Conservatories are generally considered to be within the realm of permitted developments according to the government’s planning portal.

Planning Permission

However there are some limits to what you can do, so it is wise to assess whether your plans for a conservatory fall within the limits set out by the government. There is a list of conditions and limitations provided on their planning portal website that should be of assistance.

The golden rule of thumb is that if you have any doubts at all over what you are planning to do, it is wise to ask for advice or to apply for planning permission. Bear in mind as well that the rules can differ in England as compared to Wales.

You can find out more about conservatory planning laws here

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