Conservatories don’t have to just be summer living spaces. Many people think that once summer is over, their garden room is locked up until the following spring.

However they can actually be converted easily into cosy Autumn rooms for when the seasons change and cool down.

By simply adding a few features to your conservatory, you can transform it into a year round practical room that is attractive and appealing.

Blinds will maintain a coolness in the summer months when you need them to and they will also absorb the heat for when you want your conservatory warmer. You can also choose blinds to suit the autumnal weather outside, enhancing your garden room considerably with vibrant colours.

The layout of a conservatory can be adjusted to allow you to enjoy the views of the beautiful autumn colours in your garden, outside. Because you won’t be as connected to your garden during autumn and winter, you can be creative with your conservatory layout to make it as comfortable and cosy as possible. Why not rearrange the furniture to suit you and to enable you to sit with views of your garden as it is transformed?

Heating may be a good idea, especially if your conservatory faces north. It could easily become too cold to use in this case, so heating will ensure that you get to use your room, year round. Heating does not have to necessarily be by heaters that are expensive to run, but can be achieved through energy glass, heat recovery fans and bi-folding doors. Using a little imagination will benefit your conservatory and how you use it.


Colour in your conservatory will enhance it and complement the autumnal colours outside. Why not add vibrant coloured cushions, paintings and floral accessories? An autumnal rug will work a treat as will colourful throws for your furniture.

Lighting can be a real asset when Autumn arrives and natural daylight is reduced. Depending on the style of your conservatory, you can opt for a wide range of lighting fixtures from elegant chandeliers to wall lamps, ceiling lamps and table lamps. Lighting can enhance a room and create a warm, glowing atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy cosy evenings.

By adding a few simple touches, you can sit back and enjoy your conservatory throughout the year, while you watch the seasons change outside your windows.

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