As far as styles of conservatories are concerned, you will undoubtedly be more familiar with some names than others. For example, the lean to, the Edwardian and the Victorian will all be quite familiar to most people. However, the gable fronted conservatory won’t be as well known, even though you have probably seen several of them on your travels. They are not as commonplace as the aforementioned styles, but they certainly have plenty to offer.

So what exactly is a gable fronted conservatory? Put simply the conservatory has a gable front rather than having the roof sloping down in all directions to meet the top of the glass panels that form the windows. It has a roof that slopes down in opposite directions and at right angles to your home. The front of the conservatory has a triangular section above the main wall section that fills the gap between the wall and the roof where it rises on each side. This is the gable front. You may sometimes hear this referred to as a gable end.

One thing you will instantly notice if you ever get the chance to walk into a gable fronted conservatory is that it is extremely light and airy. Compared to a Victorian or Edwardian design, where the roof panels are angled down to meet the walls in all directions, the addition of light in this case is quite startling. The key difference lies with the roof ridge – the very top of the roof itself. In a Victorian or Edwardian design the ridge will stop short of running the full length of the roof, because the roof designs are not created to allow for this. It’s very different when it comes to a gable fronted conservatory though. In this case the roof ridge goes the whole way, enabling the interior of the conservatory to be that much bigger right the way through. The visual effect can be stunning – and it provides so much more light and space as well.

Gable conservatories


One advantage of opting for a gable conservatory is that whatever size room you choose, it will seem bigger than if you chose another style. Of course you should have anything too small – probably two metres square would be the absolute minimum you could get away with. It wouldn’t be suitable for a dining room but it could work as a small home office.

Always consider the available space you have before choosing how big your gable conservatory could and should be. Remember that it doesn’t have to be square either – although most gable end conservatories are of the square style. You can however have a conservatory that is longer than it is deep or vice versa. Your home and garden will dictate the confines you must work in, so consider the options available and how much room the new conservatory will take up.

There is no doubt the gable fronted conservatory style is somewhat grander than some of the other styles you could choose from. Older properties look even better with this style of conservatory, since it seems to replicate and enhance many of the traditional features a period property will have. It doesn’t have to look like a thoroughly modern addition to your home; you could go for wooden frames instead of those made in uPVC, for example. You could also match the materials your house has been made from in order to ensure the new conservatory blends in seamlessly and feels like an essential part of the house.

In short, if you want your new conservatory to make a bold statement, a gable fronted conservatory could well be the way to do it. Whether you opt for the more popular square style or you expand it so it fits more snugly to the rear of your property, you will enjoy the freedom this new addition gives you. With practical uses as a dining room, a relaxation space, a playroom or an office, it offers you everything you could want from a new room.

This won’t be the cheapest conservatory you could choose for your property. But as you can see it has lots to recommend it, and if your budget can stretch to it you’ll have a real talking point to add to your home. There’s no denying its versatility either, which means you can always use it as a playroom for your kids now, and change it into a dining room later when the needs arise to do so.

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