No doubt you have seen one or two Edwardian conservatories in your time, even if you didn’t realise that was the design you were looking at. In truth, Edwardian conservatories are one of the most popular designs of conservatory that people have – and it’s easy to see why.

The design is simple and is usually either square or rectangular in shape. This means the interior space is very easy to make the most of – and since you are adding a new room onto your home, it makes sense you’d want to make the very best of it.

You might think it sounds like a lean to design so far, but it is the roof that differentiates this from a lean to and makes it seem far airier than it would otherwise be. The roof is pitched and has a gable end facing away from the property it is attached to. This means you get two sloping roof sections facing away from each other at right angles to the property, in contrast to the lean to where a single sloping roof comes away from the property.

It is this roof design that makes the Edwardian conservatory so appealing and welcoming. You can be assured of plenty of light flooding into this room throughout the day.

Edwardian conservatory sizes

As you might imagine, the size of an Edwardian conservatory can vary quite considerably. There is no standard size, although 3 metres square, 4 metres square and 3.5 metres square are all fairly easy to find prices for. You can also find rectangular sizes, such as 3 metres by 4 metres for example.

Generally speaking 2.4 metres square is given as the smallest size of conservatory in this style. If you were to have anything less than this you wouldn’t have enough room to make good use of. You can of course go much larger than this, depending on the amount of room you have available. Some people opt for an Edwardian to replace an existing conservatory, but if this is the case it is worth considering whether you should stay at the same size or increase it. Thinking about what you are most likely to use the room for will help you arrive at the right size for your needs and your budget.

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Edwardian conservatory designs

The good news is there is plenty of room to get creative when it comes to the design of your Edwardian conservatory. If you find a number of reputable companies that provide conservatories for their customers, you will see they usually have a number of standard designs available for you to look at. These provide a good starting point to go from.

For instance, you will have the choice of whether to get an Edwardian conservatory with a dwarf wall or one with full length glass window panels. This is sometimes referred to as ‘glass to ground’. Alternatively you could opt to miss out on the wall but have panels inserted at the bottom of each window instead. These are usually in the same style as the rest of the conservatory, so if you choose uPVC the panels will be in uPVC as well.

This also brings up the choice of having a uPVC conservatory or a wood framed one instead. The former is the cheaper option and requires little to no upkeep apart from the odd wipe down and clean every now and then. However you may prefer the more natural looking appearance of the wood finish. In terms of the roof panels, these can either be clear or tinted, and polycarbonate panels are usually used.

You can also add a touch of flair when it comes to the finishing touches on the roof. You have the cresting and the finials to think about here, so it gives you a chance to personalise your conservatory and to ensure it fits with the overall look and feel of the addition. The cresting can be anything from a plain flat design to an ornate design that harks back to the past. The same can be said of the finials that are chosen.

Whatever design you choose, there is plenty of freedom to ensure the finished product will match in with your home. A dwarf wall makes this easier to achieve, since the brick can be chosen to complement your home, or it can be rendered and painted the same colour. It is even possible to clad it, so you can see the Edwardian conservatory does indeed have a lot to offer.

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