Having a conservatory means that you can enjoy the benefits of an extra room all year round, but for many people it doesn’t always feel that way. What is a constantly used area of the home during the warmer seasons can often be shut up and abandoned in winter.

All the time, this great additional space is going to waste. What’s the point of investing in an attractive additional feature to your home if you’re only going to use it for six months of the year?

The good news is that there is something you can do that will make your conservatory every bit as warm and comfortable as the rest of your home all year round. An underfloor heating system is the perfect solution for providing your conservatory with enough heat that it will never need to go unused again – even in the coldest periods.

What are underfloor heating systems?

By using either pipes, heating sheets, or a system of wires that sit directly beneath your floor tiles, an underfloor heating system is able to provide any room with a gentle and comfortable warmth. It makes a great alternative to bulky radiators or intrusive stand-alone heaters.

What makes underfloor systems a particularly effective means of heating a conservatory is that electric underfloor heating is ideal for stone or tiled floors. Able to take away that unpleasant chill whenever you step on the ground, an underfloor heating system is capable of providing your conservatory with a pleasingly consistent heat.

While radiators work by heating the air that immediately surrounds them, underfloor systems heat the whole area much more effectively.  Although it does tend to take a little longer, once the optimum temperature is reached, the entire space is thoroughly warmed through – with no cold spots – and this applies to a well-insulated conservatory just as much as any other room in the house.

Underfloor heating systems costs

There are two different types of underfloor heating systems: wet and dry. A wet system uses underfloor pipes that are connected to your boiler to pump warm water beneath your tiles. This system can take up quite a lot of space under the ground, and getting one retro-fitted can be costly.

If you want to get an underfloor system that is just for your conservatory, particularly if it is going to be a retro-fit, then it might be better for you to consider the second option: a dry system. This uses either electric sheets or cables that are positioned directly below the flooring. The mats tend to cost around £75 a square metre, while the cabling can cost £100 for the same amount of space.

Because they are thin, they are generally a lot less hassle to install than a wet system, although you will need to get a qualified electrician to connect the system to your mains and to fit in the sensor that will connect the underfloor heating to your to your thermostat.

Both the electric heating mats and the cabling can be placed under almost any type of flooring, even carpet, but they are particularly effective as a means of heating stone or tile floors, and this is what makes underfloor systems so ideal for keeping your conservatory nice and toasty.

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