How important is a conservatory roof, you may ask? Well, it will be the crowning glory of your new conservatory when it is completed. It is also the item that will keep the rain and the elements out so it is wise to ensure the roof you get is of outstanding quality. The last thing you want is for your brand new roof to start leaking a couple of years after you have it installed – or sooner, if you are really unlucky.

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The good thing is there are a few things that are worth knowing about conservatory roofs before you elect to have a new conservatory added to your home. In this case a little bit of knowledge really can go a long way.

What is the best type of conservatory roof to have fitted?

Since conservatories come in different types, such as aluminium, wood framed and uPVC for example, it is common sense to assume conservatory roofs also come in different types.

However it is not always as simple as assuming a conservatory made from uPVC will have also have a roof made from uPVC. Indeed, uPVC on its own is not normally desired for a conservatory roof. You should always make sure the conservatory company you use for your uPVC conservatory offers a roof with an aluminium frame for the panels to fit into. This strengthens the entire structure and also makes it far more impermeable to leaks in the future.

You should think twice if a particular company either dodges questions about the construction of their conservatory roofs or they say that uPVC alone is perfectly fine. In this case you would be right to question their expertise and go somewhere else instead.

Do different conservatory companies have different roof systems?

It may surprise you to learn that the vast majority of companies supplying and fitting conservatories in this country have virtually the same roofing systems. They will all want to convince you they have the best one in the country of course, but there is actually very little difference between most of them.

It is also worth remembering that there are other associated elements that have a bearing on which conservatory roof brings the best overall results. The guttering and how it is fixed is the best example of this. You want to be sure the rainwater that hits the roof is channelled away and ideally collected in a water butt for use elsewhere later on.

Do some conservatory companies buy in items from suppliers?

Yes this can happen quite often. It does depend on the individual company though. For instance a conservatory company that makes and installs timber conservatories may have their own distinct conservatory designs they will use. They may create all the wood their need in the right lengths and sizes, and only get items such as guttering from other suppliers. In other words they’ll handle the wood but buy in the other items from elsewhere, including the glass or polycarbonate for the roof.

Do some companies offer more experience than others?

Yes – this is one fact that cannot be denied. And this is really the most important factor for you to consider. If you focus all your energies on finding a conservatory supplier with the best quality roofing and you don’t worry about how good they are at actually installing it, you could be left with a disaster. In reality, a good quality roof installed by experts could well provide a better finish than an outstanding quality roof installed by amateurs.

The importance of doing your research

As you can now see, not all conservatory roofs are created the same. However some of them will be superior to others – as are the companies who install them.

So make sure you don’t just use the first company you come across. Find out more about them. How long have they been in business for? What types of conservatory roofs do they fit and how are they made? How forthcoming are they in answering any questions you have? A conservatory is an expensive investment after all, so you need to make sure you are hiring the right people with the right roof.

One last thing – don’t forget to check the warranty

Every conservatory fitted will have a warranty attached to it. However you should make sure you read this word for word before agreeing to the installation.

Don’t assume the warranty is the same for all parts of the conservatory either. It may be different for the roof. You need to make sure the guarantee covers the whole conservatory for the whole period of time.

So you can see that a conservatory roof is an integral part of the whole structure. Make sure you find out all you can about it before hiring a particular company to build your new conservatory for you.

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