If you are going to invest in adding a spacious conservatory to your home then you want to ensure that you can make full use of it all year round and not just in the summer months. Glass is a great material for enabling the maximum amount of sunlight to penetrate your conservatory, giving it natural warmth and light. Now, there are plenty of options to cut down the glare from the sun’s rays and to prevent your conservatory from becoming over-heated in those summer months, which can be a problem with glass roofed conservatories.

Glass is the popular choice for most conservatory roofs but there are plenty of other options available:

Tiled Roof

A tiled roof will turn your conservatory into a Sunroom or Garden Room and is much more of a natural extension to your home. It blends in easier with the architecture of older properties and can be used all year round, plus if you live in a listed building and have trouble with planning permission, then a conservatory with a tiled roof could be your answer.

It also protects your privacy if you happen to live in a built-up area and still benefits from plenty of natural light from the large glass windows with ceiling lights, hence making up for those darker winter months.


Lead Roof

Flat or partially flat conservatory roofs are sometimes required and these benefit from lead, zinc and copper roofs as they provide a classic and elegant finish to your conservatory as well as added strength. You may consider this option if you want to be able to look out onto a decorative roof from the upstairs windows rather than on the scene inside the conservatory.

These traditional roofing materials also provide a good, sturdy weatherproof roof that will need little maintenance. However the cost of lead roofing for conservatories can be quite high so do ask about other weatherproof materials that may be available.

Solar Glass Roof

Many households are benefiting from solar energy to help keep heating bills down and where better to install solar glass than in your sunny conservatory? Solar glass roofs are natural heat regulators, cooling the room down in the summer and keeping it warm in the winter. They benefit from a special glass coating that reduces heat radiation to keep heat loss at a minimum so you’ll need to spend less on your energy bills. There is also the peace of mind that you are helping prevent carbon emissions from being released into the environment. It’s very much an eco-friendly conservatory roof material.

Polycarbonate Roof

Another eco-friendly roof material is polycarbonate. This clever material will reduce up to 86% of the sun’s glares, thus preventing your Sunroom from becoming a suntrap with raging temperatures. It’s also effective in the winter as polycarbonate acts as an insulator, preventing heat from escaping and so saving you money on heating bills.

Talk through your range of conservatory roof choices with a specialist before you commit to buy.

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