What are the benefits of constructing a DIY conservatory?

The main benefit of choosing this option is that it will save you a significant amount of money.

DIY conservatories can feature individual, unique designs. They tend to be easily assembled, and if you are a DIY enthusiast, or even have average DIY ability, it shouldn’t present a problem.

If you are less than confident, however, you can always ask your builder to build the base and fit the conservatory to it for you, and still save money.

If I build my own Conservatory do I Need Planning Permission?

From October 2008, building a conservatory on to your home is seen as permitted development, and so you shouldn’t need planning permission, subject to certain terms, such as the depth and height and situation of the conservatory.

Do I need to obtain Building Regulations for my Conservatory?

If your conservatory is at ground level, features enough glazing and is separated from the house by a quality exterior door, you do not normally need building regulations.

Can my Conservatory be built over a Manhole Cover?

If you fit a double sealed manhole cover, you can build your conservatory over it.

How do I make sure my Conservatory fits my Base?

When you put in your order for your conservatory, your supplier should be able to provide you with a plan so that you can see exactly how the dimensions fit and how it will look when finished.

If my Base/Brickwork is built, how do I order my Conservatory?

Many suppliers will offer you conservatories that are made to measure, based on your requirements for the space you have for installation.

Can I install my Conservatory in a Corner?

Many conservatories need to fit into corners, and suppliers are often able to fit them with 2 sides only, for this purpose, allowing you the flexibility you need for your home.

Can I build a Brick Wall at one or two sides?

Yes. Frames can usually be manufactured to the height of your wall. A plan will highlight this.

Can I build a Three Quarter Height Brick Wall at one or two sides?

Yes, this can usually be achieved with little fuss by your conservatory supplier.

Can I install my Conservatory to a Bungalow?

Yes. A low pitch roof can be supplied to overcome the height restriction problem, or a hipped back roof in the case of Victorian and Edwardian conservatories.

How quickly can I get my Conservatory?

Your conservatory will normally be despatched on receipt of your order by your supplier.

How do I pay for my Conservatory?

Many suppliers offer buy now, pay later credit schemes, subject to status.

You can usually pay for your conservatory through a variety of methods that are suitable for you.

What will my Guarantee be?

You will normally receive a 10 year guarantee on your uPVC conservatory frames to protect them against cracking, warping and discolouration. Conservatories should have a life expectancy of 25 years.

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