A new conservatory is undoubtedly one of the most cost effective ways of adding living space to your home, and even of increasing your property’s value. Cheaper than a house extension, and much less hassle than getting a loft or garage conversion, conservatories are seen by many as the fastest and cheapest way of doing more with your home. And the good news for anyone wishing to spend as little as possible, is that you can get one of these fantastic domestic features with a budget of £5,000 or less – and that’s taking into account the cost of having a dwarf wall built as well as the price of the actual structure.

Low cost conservatories

So what will £5,000 get you? Assuming that that amount is your maximum total budget, it is possible to get a builder to make your dwarf wall and then buy a new low cost conservatory that you will assemble and install yourself for even less.

With this kind of budget you will be looking at a smaller conservatory. Generally with conservatories, the greater the floor space, the higher the cost. For a budget of £5,000 or less, you will most likely be able to get a Lean to, or even a small Edwardian-style conservatory. You can purchase a full height Lean to – also sometimes known as a Mediterranean-style conservatory – for as little as £3,000. It is likely to have a maximum depth (the distance between the wall of your house and the far wall) of around 8 feet, and a width of 12 feet. An even smaller, square-shaped Lean to can cost a lot less. An Edwardian conservatory of a similar size will likely cost in the region of £4,000.

Remember that if you are buying a low cost conservatory – one that will be delivered to you – there is still the expense of getting the base ready. In most cases, this means that you will need to assemble a dwarf wall. It is possible to find a builder that will do the job for you for around £1,000 – but make sure this includes the materials as well as the cost of removing any excavated materials. The small Lean tos or Edwardian style conservatories that cost less than £5,000 can be put together by anyone who has just a small amount of DIY experience, and the process needn’t last longer than a couple of days.

Investing in your home

Ultimately, it is the size of your budget that will dictate the kind of conservatory that you can have. If you are spending a maximum of £5,000 then you will be limited in the sizes and styles of conservatory that you can choose.

The good news however, is that you don’t have to go too far over that amount, and the range of variety of conservatories available to you increases dramatically. Victorian, P-shaped and T-shaped conservatories are all options that tend to start at just over £5,000, and so are conservatories with wood or aluminium frames. By looking around, and getting a number of different quotes from trusted suppliers, you give yourself every chance of getting the best possible conservatory at the lowest price. Never choose the first deal that’s presented to you: by seeking multiple quotes you are far more likely to find something that is both under budget and beyond your expectations.

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