Buying a conservatory is a real investment. Not only do you enhance the look and feel of your home, you get a whole new room to use for many different purposes as well. But you have to bear the cost in mind, and it is this very element that can put some people off adding a conservatory to their home.

The good news is that you will probably be surprised at just how cheap conservatories can be. Of course it depends on a number of different factors, but you might be in for a pleasant surprise when you find out the range of prices that are available for today’s cheap conservatories.

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There are a couple of ways you can get a conservatory cheaper than you may think would be possible. For starters you should compare prices between different companies, so you can get the cheapest possible price for the design you want.

Another method is to look for sales that the conservatory companies sometimes hold. These can knock a considerable percentage off the normal price of such an installation.

You could also consider buying the conservatory in parts and hiring your own builder to erect it for you. If you are good at DIY and you know someone who can help out, you might even consider putting up the conservatory on your own.

You might also reduce the price by opting for a simpler design, so as you can see there are various ways that you can reduce the price to make your new conservatory that little bit easier to afford. When you consider that it can add value to your home as well, it makes it even more appealing to consider the financial and aesthetic benefits of opting for a conservatory.


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Many people believe that conservatories cost many thousands of pounds. But in reality the price is directly related to three things:

  • The size of the conservatory you require
  • The style of the conservatory you require
  • The company you get to install it for you

These elements will help to decide the overall cost of your new conservatory. It could actually be a lot cheaper than you might think to add one to your home. The first step to take is to work out what size and shape of conservatory you want. You can then request a quote through our website to see how much it would cost to get the conservatory of your dreams. You can also compare conservatories prices to enable you to see how good a deal it might be.

Many homeowners have realised that it doesn’t need to be hugely expensive to get a conservatory added to their home. It also gives you a whole new room to enjoy, thus developing and enhancing your home for everyone who lives there.

Why not consider whether a conservatory could be the ideal new addition to your home now and get some quotes today?

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