Conservatories are every middle class suburban homeowner’s dream. But it’s not the kind of extension you purchase lightly.

While it’ll allow you to lounge in the sunlight like a sizzling lizard in the Amazon rainforest, building a conservatory will cause a month or so of disruption to your home life.

Moreover, such an extension requires a huge amount of forward-planning. And although your contractor will be there to help you every step of the way, knowing the ins and outs of your purchase will give you peace of mind as the builders traipse around your garden.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you in your plans for the ultimate extension.

Planning permission

Your local council probably isn’t too bothered about planning permission for your conservatory. In the world of building regulations, it’s a small fish in a much larger administrative pond.

But the water becomes muddier if you live in a listed building or if your planned extension is larger than standard regulations allow. Moreover, extensions facing main roads may cause headaches for some regulators.

While you’re not always legally required to notify the council of building work on your property, we’d recommend doing so just in case. After all, you don’t want to fall foul of a furious council when you’ve cocked up a listed building.

NOT a neighbour from hell

Have you ever lived next to a noisy neighbour? You suddenly become Mr Heckles from Friends, hitting your walls with a broom handle in the hope that they might stop playing Coldplay at 4am.

Now imagine you’re that neighbour from hell. You’ve got cement mixers revving at six in the morning, builders burping and farting at all hours and more drilling noises than an industrial estate.

Provided this noise is during daylight hours, you won’t be handed an antisocial order. But to keep your neighbours on friendly terms, all you’ve got to do is notify them about how long the construction will take and apologise for any disruption.

It’s a simple fix – and it won’t make you an irritant neighbour.

According to décor

It’s no use owning a conservatory if you haven’t plotted an interior design plan for the area. As soon as the builders are gone, you’ll have a blank space that’s about as appealing as a tramp in a bin.

While your new extension is being built, begin the process of buying new furniture and coordinating the colour of the conservatory with the rest of your home.

Once your conservatory is finally finished, you’ll be able to lounge your summers away in perfect comfort. Just make sure you get the build right the first time around.

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