For many people, one of the main reasons for getting a conservatory is that will enable them to make better use of their garden and to enjoy the fine weather. By bringing more light into the home, and providing the ideal halfway space between the indoors and the outside, conservatories are an excellent means of making the most of the summer and getting the very best out of your garden. Plus, improvements in double glazing standards have meant that conservatories can serve every bit as practical and useful a function in the winter months as in the summer.

However, there is still one aspect of conservatories that many people find inconvenient, and it is this: when the weather is fine and the sun is shining,  a conservatory, with its glazed walls and ceiling, will have a tendency to heat up to uncomfortable levels. In fact, a conservatory which is about 4 m by 5 m in size will let in as much as 30 kW in heat energy in mid summer.

People often try to counter this by installing a ceiling fan, and while these will help to make the space feel a little cooler at first, they actually make no real difference at all. In fact, all they really achieve is to move hot around the conservatory, and they certainly don’t keep the room cool in any meaningful way. The good news is that there is an alternative for any homeowner who feels that their conservatory can get a little too warm under the sun’s glare: an air conditioning unit.

The benefits of air conditioning for conservatories

In any space that is hot or humid, the best way to cool it down and to make sure that it stays cool, is to use air conditioning, particularly if you can’t, or don’t want to, open windows or doors. Having a conservatory with air conditioning is ideal for people who want to make the most of the sunshine, but don’t want to let pollen, wasps or any other summer irritants into their home. It also means that you can have a light, airy and beautifully cool space in your home, no matter how hot the weather is outside.  Plus, many air conditioning units also come with a heating function. This means that in one fell swoop you can solve the twin problems of keeping your conservatory suitable cool in summer, and perfectly warm and comfortable during the winter.

A wall-mounted air conditioning unit is the most common type and can be fitted easily into a conservatory, usually in a high position from where it will be able to provide the most benefit in terms of heating and cooling the space without getting in your way or creating an obstacle. This is a particular advantage that air conditioning units have over radiators, which need to be placed on the ground. With many modern air conditioning units offering excellent value and energy efficient capabilities, there are plenty of reasons for any homeowner with a conservatory to think seriously about getting one installed. Whatever the weather, having air conditioning means that you can be sure that your conservatory will always be just as cool or warm as you need it to be.

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