From the orangeries for the Victorian era through to the trendy all-glass enclosures of modern times, conservatories have been highly popular as an inexpensive way to improve our homes for many years. They offer additional space that (when correctly heated and shaded) can be used all year round. They are also easy to build, less intrusive to the design of your home and they are cheaper than traditional extensions.

So, in 2016, what are the most popular designs for conservatories and which one will you choose?

The fact is that a classic and beautiful conservatory will never go out of fashion. With traditional pitched roofs, leaded windows and dwarf walls, these conservatories stand the test of time. As they are the most popular style, they are often the easiest and cheapest to install – some DIY stores even have them available to buy off the shelf.

Generally the more modern conservatory styles are entirely glazed and use very thin and unobtrusive glazing systems. Brackets are hidden in the brickwork and essentially these are made to look like floating glass boxes. The aim is to let in as much light as possible, but to ensure that the conservatory has as little impact on the style of the home as possible. This works especially well for older homes.

Open walls and ceilings
With the weather warming up and the need to allow more airflow through a conservatory, many manufacturers are now offering glass structures that allow full openings. This might mean bi-fold doors, but can also mean retractable ceilings. The result is a true indoor/outdoor space where the conservatory seamlessly integrates with the garden.

Yes, your conservatory can be curved and designed with more interesting shapes than the typical box-like structures. These more organic lines will add interest and can be achieved through the use of metal supports and even curved glass in some instances. For a simpler approach a curved roofline is added and the doors are straight. The impression of curved lines is still there and the feeling is one of relaxed elegance.

Long gone are the days when conservatories were white or possibly wooden. These days you can choose almost any colour you want and period shades are making an impact this year. This includes earthy tones, but does go to deep blues and greens. The effect can be stunning, turning your plain conservatory into a garden feature that really sets your home apart.

If you have plans to build a conservatory this year, why not take a chance and go for something a little more contemporary – your home will become a modern masterpiece, rather than just another house on the street.

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